NameNachapon (Art) Chaidarun
Computing IDnc5rk
AssignmentCS 4810 Assignment 1, due September 24, 2012
Environmentg++, Sublime Text, Fedora 17 (64-bit)
Commandsmake; ./; ./
Late days used0
Fully implementedAll still images were generated by; all GIF frames were generated by and stitched together in GIMP. Input images and filter settings were chosen for easy comparison with the instructor's provided examples. Click thumbnails for full sizes.
 Image32::SetAlpha, Image32::Composite
The blue channel of the matte image represents the alpha channel of the overlay image.

 Composite of self and famous person
This filter swirls all pixels within an inscribed circle centered at the center of the image.
 Beier-Neely Morphing
A total of 26 directed lines covering the head, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, lips, shoulders, collar, and image borders were used to create 50 frames.

Partially implementedNone 
Optionally implementedFilter animations
See for the saturate and morph command loops used.
 Art contest submission
A total of 9 directed lines (in five files: 1 2 3 4 5) covering the outermost columns, slanted rooftop, bottom stair step, and image borders were used to create 125 frames.